Killers Of A Marriage: See 27 Things That Crashes A Marriage

Killers Of A Marriage: See 27 Things That Crashes A Marriage

Are you married and your marriage is tumbling right in your eyes? Do you plan to marry anytime from now and would love to know the things you need to avoid so as to have a long lasting marriage?

Do you know the things that you do or do not do that could kill your marriage? As a man or woman, there are some certain things required of you to keep your marriage alive. The moment you start deviating from these things, then you have already planted a seed that could crash your love relationship.

Below are 27 things that can make a marriage die:

1.  Laziness kills a marriage. Work hard and show your spouse you are capable of running things. Make solid efforts that show your partner you are in the relationship for a long term.

2. Suspicion kills a marriage. If you have any reason to suspect your spouse of any wrongdoing, do talk it out and settle it at once. Never harbour suspicion.

3. Lack of trust kills a marriage. What is a relationship that lacks trust? If you do not trust your partner, then you have no reason to stay together. Trust with all your power.

4. Lack of mutual respect kills a marriage. Respect is reciprocal. A marriage that lacks respect is bound to fail.

5. Lack of forgiveness kills a marriage. You need to know for a fact that forgiveness in any relationship is not optional but mandatory. Learn to forgive your spouse quickly.

6. Arguments kill a marriage. Too much of arguments drain love partners emotionally. And it also makes them drift apart. Learn to understand each other, and also settle for a position.

7. Keeping secrets from your spouse kills a marriage. You cannot keep secrets in a relationship as solid as a marriage. Keeping secrets breeds lack of trust. Remember trust is essential to keep a marriage alive and going.

8. Every form of infidelity kills a marriage. Whatever form of infidelity, be it financial, emotional, psychological, material, etc., kills a marriage.

9. Poor communication kills a marriage. How could you be in a relationship and not communicate? Communication is important in life, and even more essential for the longevity of a marriage.

10. Telling lies easily kill a marriage. Learn to be sincere to your spouse in every aspect.

11. Relating more to your parents than your spouse kills a marriage. Why did you get married if you still want your parents to be your major confidante? Never make your spouse feels you make him/her feel less just so you can relate more with your parents.

12. Lack of inadequate or unenjoyable love making kills a marriage. Do we need to be told this? Sexual intimacy is one of the foundations of marriage. Do not starve your partner in this aspect.

13. Nagging kill marriage. Many, especially women are fond of nagging. Learn to respect your partner’s choices. Nagging love partners makes them lose interest in the relationship.

14. Too much talk and careless talk kills a marriage. Just like nagging, talking too much carelessly can hurt your partner’s feelings. Refrain from doing this.

15. Spending less or little time with your spouse kills a marriage. Maybe you are the heavy worker that travels a lot but do make sure to find and spend quality time with your partner whenever you can and often.

16. Being too independent minded kill marriage. Marriage is for two people. Staying independent makes you look single. It can hurt your partner a lot. The moment you are married, you have to stop acting like you are single.

17. Love for parties, spending money without consideration kiils a marriage. Do not live beyond your means. Be contented and never chase too much of money and party at the expense of your partner.

18. Exposing the inadequacies of your spouse to your parents or siblings kills a marriage. If you have issues or problems with your partner, then you have to only settle them with him/her alone, except in the case where you both hire a professional relationship or marriage therapist. Exposing these issues to others make your partner feels less.

19. Not being steadfast or fervent in the spirit kills not only marriage but your life. Be spiritual. Pray often, especially with your partner.

20. Spurning correction and reprimand kills a marriage. Learn to listen to corrections. If you are being reprimanded, do not see it as scolding or maltreatment. Your husband/wife definitely wants the best for you, so you need to believe and trust their judgement.

21. Always wearing a sad face and being moody kill marriage. Be cheerful always around your wife or husband. If you have any reason to be sad or moody, talk it out with your partner.

22. Feminism Advocacy kills a marriage. You cannot be a feminist in your marriage. Do what is right and expected of you.

23. Uncontrolled or hot temperament kills a marriage. This is one area married people need to focus on. Temperament destroys too many relationships. Learn to manage flaring tempers and waves of anger.

24. Not understanding your role and position in marriage as instituted by God kills a marriage. Play your vital roles in your marriage.

25. Not being sensitive to the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of your spouse kills a marriage. Feed the needs of your marriage partner.

26. When anything threatens the position or security of a wife, her reaction(s) will be detrimental to her marriage. React to life troubles with your partner appropriately. Never allow outside trouble get in the way of your happy marriage.

27. Lack of the knowledge of the word of God kills a marriage. Maybe you are a Muslim or Christian; learn what the Quran (Koran) and Bible say regarding marriage. Apply this at all times to your relationship.

Conclusion: Follow all these tips, and pray for God’s guidance in keeping your relationship alive.

May God bring healing to every troubled home and family.


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