Learn All About How To Take Care Of A Newborn Baby From This Paediatrician

Learn All About How To Take Care Of A Newborn Baby From This Paediatrician

Hey there! Are you interested in knowing about newborn parenting or how to nurse a newborn baby? If you are about to begin on this journey, then I can guide you as a paediatrician. As infants are very susceptible to different attacks, you should know about how to properly take care of newborn babies.

As a doctor, my first recommendation is to get a healthy newborn baby.  A mother should be very much alert during pregnancy time. After the birth of a newborn baby, the responsibility to take care of the baby can go to all other family members along with the mother.

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Let Us Check Out How To Manage A Newborn Baby

Do not hesitate to ask for help:

After delivery, it is tough for a mother to look after baby thoroughly. This is because many mothers have to pass through C-Section and it takes almost one week to recover. So, at this time, if other relatives or friends offers to help, I strongly suggest you accept that. Because it is the most required at this time. If you have grandma or baby caregiver, it will be safe for baby care, but you can also ask your friend to help you by doing your weekly household activities.

Wash your hands:

Washing the hands of each after cleaning and especially before touching the newborn is highly required. It is one of the pre-condition to maintain good hygiene. It also prevents different infections and illness.

Is your baby getting enough food?

My third point is please be sure whether your child is getting enough food or not. If your baby is being bottled feed, it is easy to understand, but if he is breastfeeding, it may be hard. But I will give you a technique. It will be easier for you to understand. Check if your baby poops several times and if you change diapers for an average of 7-9 every day. If that is the case, then no problem. Your baby is growing well.

What are the diseases that may attack your baby?

·        It is a vast topic, and as a paediatrician, it is not possible to cover in 3-4 lines. But I can give you a whole idea.

·        Firstly, after baby's birth, you must check with the child specialist. He will check each part of baby's body and weight. If any abnormality is discovered, you will get to know immediately.

·        Secondly, be aware of different infections (Ear, Eye, Fungal, Bacterial, and Viral) and immunisations. You should also do some medical test (blood, urine, stool) during the first month.

·        Thirdly, I am going to talk about skin disease and rashes which you will frequently get for diaper uses. For this, my advice is to please, un-diaper your baby at regular intervals during the day. If baby gets rashes, use ointment and apply powder in these affected areas.

     What are the things you should include in your wishlist for a Newborn Baby? Checklist Ideas are here !!!

What Are Mainly Needs For Newborn

·        Cotton Cloths In Summer
·        Warm Clothes For Winter Season
·        Feeding Kit - Bottles, Pacifiers, Bibs
·        Bottle Warmer
·        Breast Milk Storage Bag
·        Electric / Manual Breast Pump
·        Nursery Care Kit
·        Cool Mist Humidifier
·        Baby Carrier
·        Child Walker
·        Baby Jumper
·        Nursing Pillow
·        Feeding Accessories Cleaning Kit
·        Hand Sanitizer
·        Car Seat
·        Excessive / High Chair
·        Musical Toys For Amusing
·        Baby Display / Monitor
·        Diapers
·        Oil Cloth
·        Crib Matters
·        Blanket
·        Toddler Crib, Bassinet
·        Changing Table
·        Rocking Chair For Mum
·        Bath Tub, Soap, Shampoo, Towels
·        Lotion, Oil, Powder

I do not know the real reason why many of Mums don't breastfeed. If the milk supply is not enough, that is understandable. But 85% of USA women aren't breastfeeding their babies. Milk supply is adequate but they consider switching to formula milk.

That's all about today's information. If you have the same problem as I mentioned, then you can follow my advises and take care of your newborn well.

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