If You Want To Get Into Trouble, Never Follow These 5 SMART Safety Tips For All Internet Users

5 SMART Safety Tips For All Internet Users

The relevance of Information and communication technology (ICT) to the society cannot be overemphasized because it plays a vital role in the development of Adults, children and the economy at large.

However, care must be taken to ensure that internet users, especially children pick only important information online and relate with the right people so that the use of ICT does not convert or change the young and complex mind of a child. This blog post lists 5 super SMART safety tips to keep us safe online and away from harm. Read below:

S for Safe: Never give out personal information when chatting with others or uploading contents online. Personal information includes your email address, phone number and password. All these information which is listed on your online profiles can be hidden and set to “Only Me Can See, or Private” in your privacy settings.

M for Meeting: Meeting someone you have only been chatting with online can be unsafe. There have been many news publications of how people who tried to meet their supposed friend that they have been chatting with online end up in the hands of psychopaths or kidnappers.

A for Accepting: Accepting emails, chat (IM) messages or opening files, pictures or text messages from people you don't know or trust can lead to problems. Viruses and Trojans that hackers use to access people's information online are transmitted via these ways. You can also receive unwanted messages that horrible from users you don’t know.

R for Reliable: Many online users tend to lie about who they really are, and the information many drops on the internet may not be true. If you like chatting online, make sure it is with friends and family you know in the real world.

T for Tell: Report online users or posts that make you feel uncomfortable or worried. Many social media now have avenues where you can report other users for a bully, nudity, abuse, and so much more. Learn how to use these avenues. Also, in cases of a cyber bully, you can report to the local Police.

Conclusion: The above-mentioned tips are for SMART internet users. The internet is a place where we should have fun and learn, and if anything tries to get in your way of doing that, try your possible best to get these out of your way by reporting to appropriate channels.  

Source: Nigerian Communication Commission