Top 10 Bad Habits That Affect And Damage Our Brain

Top 10 Bad Habits That Affect And Damage Our Brain

Do you know there are many habits that we humans exhibit that can lead to brain damage? All these habits are what we can do away with, and we need to stop doing them right away before it causes serious damage to the brain.

Below are 10 habits that affect and damage the brain:

1. Not taking breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the whole day, but when avoided all the time, the blood sugar levels in the body go low and become irregular. After a long night sleep and no eating, you need food. Otherwise, the brain gets no nutrients and is can easily be damaged.

2. Lack of good thoughts and simulations

Thinking engages the brain in a healthy work process. It opens up new pathways and activates every segment of the brain. You have to work the brain all the time; otherwise, it shrinks up or gets damaged due to inactivity. Why not working on the skills you might be great at? Learn and think.

3. Rarely engaging in conversations

Talking activates the brain and makes it work.  Always engage in intellectual talks as much as you can and boost the health of your brain. Not talking is one of the biggest brain damaging habits.

4. Working during illness

Because of too much of expectations, many of us work when we are sick. But the main truth is that when the body is ill, it actually needs a rest. Find time to really relax, free yourself from all life and work stress, and just let the body and mind rest. See foods you should avoid when sick.

5. Polluted air

Fresh air is very important to our upkeep. The brain needs a lot of oxygen and this polluted air deprives us of it. Ensure to stay in well-ventilated areas at all time.

6. Covering the head during sleep

If you cover your head during sleep, you need to stop it right away. We need as much oxygen as we can get during the night, but covering the head limits you to breathe in the whole oxygen. Also, you get more carbon dioxide this way. And you should sleep more instead of watching TV.

7. Smoking

This is the worst of all habits here. It has many side effects, and for the brain, it causes shrinkage and dementia related issues like Alzheimer’s. See the bad impacts of smoking.

8. Overeating

Too much of everything is bad they say. Overeating makes you gain weight, increases the risk of obesity, damages the stems in the brain and reduces the mental focus. See 8 foods to eat in order to maintain a good digestive system.

9. Consuming too much of high sugar content food/drinks

Sadly, there is sugar in many of the things we eat or drink. You will benefit a lot if you reduce the amount of sugar intake. For a start, you can absorb more nutrients in the absence of sugar and prevent brain issues. See reasons why we should stop eating noodles.

10. Lack of enough sleep

Skipping good sleep for long periods of time reduces healthy brain cells. Sleep repairs the whole body from the stress and regenerates every cell. See tips to cure Sleeplessness (Insomnia). 

Conclusion: Practice all the tips mentioned here and you are certain to live a life with good health. Stay healthy! See Health tips for longevity here