Cleanliness: Five Ways To Make Your Toilet A Safe Place

Cleanliness: Six Ways To Make Your Toilet A Safe Place

Wikipedia says a toilet is a sanitation fixture used for the storing or disposal of human urine and faeces. In some countries, they use “squat” toilets, but in Nigeria, we use “seat” toilets mostly.

For some, the toilet is not just a place for excreting human wastes, but for relaxation. Are you wondering how a toilet can be a relaxation spot for some people?  Do you know that some people take their smartphones inside and chat away, watch movies, and also read books etc.? These set of people spend longer time than necessary.

You can make your toilet a clean and disease free area by modestly following these six simple toilet safety tips.

1. Cleanliness: Sit On The Seats, Don’t Squat

Because of fear of contracting diseases, some would rather squat on the toilet seat than sit on it. It is unsafe to do this because you could fall, break a limb and probably get yourself all mixed up with the slimy filths you were trying to avoid in the first place.

Squatting on the toilet seat does not necessarily protect you from toilet diseases, so if you feel that the toilet seat is too dirty, clean it up and use it the right away.

2. Cleanliness: Do Not Dispose of Feminine Hygiene Products In The Toilet

Sanitary pads are too thick and will absolutely cause a blockage in the toilet outlet. You should use the waste bin in the toilet, if it is available, or you could look for other ways to properly dispose of it. Just do not dump it in the toilet.

3. Cleanliness: Never Flush A Wipe

A piece of cloth, towel, or even paper wipes can have the same effect as throwing feminine hygiene products in the toilet. These little items will definitely block the toilet outlet. Make use of tissue papers, because it takes a longer time for tissue papers to clog up the system. If tissue papers are unavailable, use water.

4. Cleanliness: Always Flush The Toilet After Use

In this ever busy world of ours, it is unavoidable to sometimes forget to flush the toilet after using it. However, it is very irritating to see someone else’s faeces. So, if you can’t stand the sight of someone else’s poo, don’t put others through the trauma of seeing yours. 

Endeavour to leave the toilet clean. If you don’t succeed the first time, try again until the poo disappears. Never forget to wash your hands in your square sinks after flushing.

5. Cleanliness: Clean The Seat

This is common among the men; they sometimes urinate on the seat, though carelessly. Considering others, it would be better and hygienic to clean the seat afterwards, using a tissue paper or if that is unavailable, use water. Regardless of your gender, clean the seat.

Conclusion: Because the toilet is meant to drop our body waste, it doesn’t have to look dirty like the waste. Remember, this spot is for easing ourselves, so make it clean so easing yourself will come easy.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness! And to stay healthy, you have to be clean.