Do You Want To Stay Healthy And Fit Always? If Yes, See Habits To Stop And Tips To Follow

Do You Want To Stay Healthy And Fit Always? If Yes, Stop These 13 Habits!

Are you healthy and fully fit? Do you stay fit for a long time?

Many of us are fond of doing things that are bad for our health, maybe due to ignorance or adequate knowledge. There are some habits we do daily that are harmful to our body fitness.

To stay fit, healthy, and free from illnesses and dangerous diseases, you need to improve on some habits.

Healthy Living- Below Are Important Tips To Stay Healthy And Fit:

1. Always answer the phone by your left ear, instead of the right ear. Scientific researchers’ advice that you use your left ear while using a cellphone (mobile) because if you use the right one, it will affect your brain directly.

2. Do not drink coffee twice a day. Though, a new study suggested that coffee is good for the body, but desist from taking too much of it daily.

3. Do not take medicines with warm water. Warm water is good for the body because it helps in the circulation of the blood and also protects internal organs from damage, but it is not advisable to take it with medicine. Use cold water instead.

4. Do not have huge meals after 5 pm in evening. It is a popular knowledge that heavy foods are dangerous to the body when we are getting ready to go to sleep. Eat lightly in the evening, so that you can have a wonderful night sleep.

5. Reduce the consumption of too much oily food, junk food, chocolates and ice creams. We have always warned against junk food on this blog, read more about the harms of taking junk foods.

6. Drink more water in the day, less at night. There are numerous benefits of drinking water, and we all know this is essential for life. But it is more beneficial to drink more water in the morning, and less at night. Read more about the benefits of drinking water in the morning.

7. Do maintain a reasonable distance from your mobile chargers. Many people practice charging their mobile devices close to their bed. This should be stopped.

8. Do not use earphones or headphones for a long duration of time, especially with loud music. This could cause a lot of damage to the ear.

9. Best time to sleep at night is 10 pm to 6 am in the morning. It is beneficial health wise to get at least 8 hours of good sleep daily. See tips to cure sleeplessness here.

10. Do not lie down immediately after taking food and/or medicines. Before you lie down to sleep or rest, kindly sit upright so that the food or medicines can fully digest, and get to the right spot where it will be beneficial and perform.

11. Take walks, practice yoga, or do other exercises in your daily schedule. Even if you work really hard and for a long period during the day, make sure to exercise your body. Do not just sit on a spot. Stretch and look out of the window often.

12. When your mobile phone battery is down to last bar/level, never answer any calls, as radiations are 1000 times higher. These radiations that emanate from cell phones are known to cause brain cancer.

13. Never eat anything before or after half an hour of exercise. Try to stay light when you are about to exercise, and after you have just finished.

14. Include fruits in your daily diets. Ensure you different varieties of fruits.

Conclusion: All the above mentioned health tips should be followed religiously if you would like to stay healthy and fit. Make sure you share this blog post to your loved ones as well.

Stay healthy.