Want to Quit Smoking? See 8 Exercises That Will Help You Drop Smoking

Want to Quit Smoking? See 8 Exercises That Will Help You Drop Smoking

Do you smoke and would like to stop smoking after learning about all the various dangers associated with it? No matter whether you chew, sniff or smoke - the harmful content of tobacco remains dangerous. Some of the harmful substances in tobacco are formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, arsenic, benzopyrene, nickel, and cadmium.

These harmful substances are capable of affecting your central nervous system, respiratory system, digestive system, cardiovascular system and reproductive system. Do you know how to repair lungs after smoking? Exercises are one of these ways. Smoking and exercises are incompatible, that is why exercises is a surefire way to help quit the bad habit. 

There is no known safe way to use tobacco. The bad health impacts of smoking or tobacco usage can vary from sufferings of a minor headache to serious health conditions like liver damage and cancer.

Quitting smoking or tobacco usage can change your life tremendously in a positive way and will increase your overall life expectancy. You need to replace cigarettes with exercise. Below are some (quit smoking exercise plan) exercises that can help you to quit smoking:

Exercises (workouts for smokers) that can help you to quit smoking are;

1. Running: Running will help you cope with the withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting. Stay smoke-free and complete a 5 km run. You may want to ask, does running after quitting smoking improve lung recovery? Yes, it does.

How long should you wait to exercise after quitting smoking? You do not need to jump into running 5 km on the very first day itself. Start with a shorter distance in the beginning and increase the distance gradually.

Want to Quit Smoking? See 8 Exercises That Will Help You Drop Smoking

2. Aerobics: In the first stages of quitting smoking, aerobic exercise will definitely give you a boost. Give up smoking and engage in some other physical activities like aerobics because it will improve the efficiency of your lungs as well as the heart. Regular aerobic exercise will help your body to deliver more oxygen to your body tissues and expel carbon dioxide more efficiently.

3. Cardio Workouts: Cardio after quitting smoking? Big yes! Cardio-based exercises promote the strength and health of cardiovascular system. These exercises include biking, stair climbing, rowing, cross country skiing, using an elliptical machine, aerobics, running, walking, etc. This can help to keep your heart healthy and build your cardiovascular endurance level.

4. Brisk Walking: Brisk walking will increase the blood circulation of your body effectively. This will improve the heart function and oxygen supply. This is a natural way to reduce the discomforts and cravings of smoking.

5. Jogging: Many smokers end up with a poor lung and heart function. So, it will be difficult for them to maintain high levels of activity. But, jogging will help you improve your body fitness, both physically and mentally. The withdrawal symptoms or cravings associated with quitting smoking are difficult to handle. Jogging can help you to some certain extent.

6. Swimming: Swimming has a positive effect on your lung function as well as the overall body health. Swimming will help you to stop smoking to a greater extent by improving your lung function, heart function, muscle strength and immunity.

7. Yoga: Yoga can rejuvenate the brain cells, improve blood circulation, relieve stress and help calm your mind. Asanas and pranayamas like Shavasana, Kapal Bhati pranayama, Nadi shodan pranayama, etc., will help you to reduce the cravings to return to smoking. Yoga is well known to reduce the urge to smoke. If you want to stay fit always, see habits you need to stop here.

Want to Quit Smoking? See 8 Exercises That Will Help You Drop Smoking

8. Outdoor Activities: Want to kick cigarettes out of your life? Just go outside and kick a ball. Taking up sports will be the best method to quit smoking. Intense exercise releases certain chemicals that are similar to nicotine in the body, thereby satisfying your cravings. Get out and engage yourself in some meaningful outdoor activities to reduce the urge to smoke.

Conclusion: Above are the exercises that could help you reduce the urge to smoke till you eventually quit smoking. You can use this blog post as a fitness program for smokers.

Stay safe and healthy.