26 First Aid Kit Items All Drivers Should Have In Their Cars

  26 First Aid Kit Items All Drivers Should Have In Their Cars

Do you have a first aid kit in your car? If you don’t, then read this post and make sure you get it ASAP.

What should be in a car emergency kit? What is the best first aid kit for a car? All this you learn in this post.

We all know there are many eventualities that can occur when driving in a car. You could be on a long way during an interstate travel, and an emergency incident occurs in the middle of nowhere – a first aid kit should be your go-to saviour before you can drive to the nearest clinic or hospital to get proper aid.

A First Aid Kit or Bag contains items required for administering emergency treatment to an injured person before comprehensive medical care arrives or is available.

A vehicle is expected to have a first aid box. It has even been mandated in some countries that all drivers have a first aid kit in their cars.  Some of the items you are expected to have in the box includes:

 26 Car first aid kit requirements:

1. Pair of Scissors

2. Safety Pins

3. Iodine

4. Cotton wool

5. Handkerchiefs

6. Plasters/dressing for wounds

7. Splints

8. Bandages

9. Disposable gloves

10. Razor blades

11. Adhesive tapes

12. Pain relievers like Aspirin/Paracetamol

13. Antibiotic ointment

14. Antiseptic and hydrocortisone creams

15. Petroleum Jelly/Vaseline

16. Antibacterial soap

17. Latex gloves/facial mask

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 Other important items of car first aid kit requirements are:

18. Gauze pads

19. Adhesive bandages

20. Insect sting relief pads

21. Cotton balls

22. Cotton swabs

23. Digital thermometer

24. Tweezers

25. Hand sanitizer

26. And saline solution.

Some of the above-mentioned items are consumables. So, therefore, there is a need to constantly check and replenish them. Also, pay attention to items with expiry dates.

Some more tips on how to pack a car first aid kit

1. Purchase a bag or container that will hold your first aid items. Choose a bag that has distinct compartments that can let you see what you seek quickly.

2. Include children's varieties of the above mentioned first aid box contents, if applicable. Things like baby wipes.

3. Consider including an easy to understand first aid manual to the items in your car's first response kit.

4. Remember to add personal items that your family is likely to need. Items like baby products, allergy and asthma medications.

5. If there is enough room in your vehicle, you should pack an emergency blanket and water close to your first aid box.

6. Make room for a flashlight or lite stick, and call police flag, just in case you get stranded on the side of the road anytime.

Which of these first aid contents do you have in your car? Remember, health is wealth. Stay safe and healthy.

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