Man Got Blind In One Eye After An Intense Lovemaking

Man Got Blind In One Eye After An Intense Lovemaking

A man went blind in one eye due to an intense climax

Have you ever had an unusual health issue happen to you after a romp with your lover? Are there any known aftereffects of a strenuous sexual activity? 

Well, a new research revealed a man had to visit the hospital after going blind in one eye following a “vigorous” sex session. 

A report published in the British Medical Journal revealed that the 29-year-old man went to an emergency eye clinic after suffering partial sight loss in his left eye the morning after a strenuous romp.

Researchers mentioned that he is likely to have burst a blood vessel in his eye during an intense orgasm.

It is assumed he was performing a Valsalva maneuver, which happens when a person tenses their abdominal muscles and holds their breath, forcing air against a closed windpipe and putting pressure on the chest.

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This action can lead to a burst of blood vessels, doctors said. 

The report revealed that initially doctors were confused by the cause of the man’s injury and instructed him to return for a check-up three days later.

“At the second visit, he saw a different clinician who asked direct questions about the patient's sexual activity. The patient then reported an episode of vigorous sexual intercourse on the evening preceding the onset of symptoms."

The patient’s eyesight eventually returned on its own, the report added.

So, if you are planning a romp for this weekend, you had better think twice about your choice of lovemaking styles. Do not risk your body's health because you want to impress your sexual partner. 

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Credit: Standard UK