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4 Hip Hop Dance Moves For Fitness

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How many times have you been told, you just have to find an exercise that you enjoy! For some of us, the words exercise and enjoy can never be used in the same sentence. We can never see ourselves in an aerobics class. Biking can be fun as long as you can find a taxi with a bike rack to bring you home, and running? If you see us running, you can bet someone is chasing us. For us there no passion waiting to be sparked.

Still, we know we have to exercise to be healthy. So we set out on a quest for a form of exercise that doesn’t make us want to find a backdoor to slip out of. You may be surprised to know that Hip Hop dance is a great cardio workout and it builds muscle tone in every part of the body. Best of all, you can do it wrong.

Hip Hop is the master of the “I meant to do that move”. You can totally fail at executing a move and six other people will try to make that same move because they saw you do it.

All you need are some good danc…