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Childhood Weight Gain Linked To Intake Of Caffeine During Pregnancy - New Study

Can caffeine harm an unborn baby?

Is it OK to drink caffeine while pregnant?

How does caffeine affect a fetus?

What happens when you drink too much caffeine while pregnant? Answers to these questions were addressed in this new study.

Caffeine intake by pregnant women can affect their child's brain function. In a new study, the effects of caffeine were seen eight years later in some children.

Most pregnant women certainly have to avoid certain foods and drinks, such as raw meat and alcohol. But a new study supports the notion that a high intake of caffeinated substances may also be detrimental to a baby's health.

The study, published on Monday in the journal BMJ Open, found that excessive caffeine intake during pregnancy was linked to excess growth during the infant's first year of life and an increased risk of the child being overweight eight years later -- both of which are associated with an increased risk of obesity later in life, according to Eleni Papadopoulou, researcher a…

Stroke Kills 30 Nigerians Every Hour - Female Neurologist

Professor Njideka Okubadejo, Nigeria’s first female neurologist, says at least one person dies every two minutes from stroke in the Nigeria.   Okubadejo, of the University of Lagos, disclosed this at her Inaugural Lecture at the University in Lagos titled “Strokes of Movement and Trips: Strategic Opportunism as Am Approach to Improve Neurological Care in Africa”. According to her, the estimated stroke mortality rate in Nigeria is between 120 and 240 per 100,000 population. “Extrapolated to our current estimated population of approximately 184 million, according to, this translates to about 281,520 deaths annually,” she said.  N
Okubadejo said “a stroke is a medical emergency in which the flow of blood to a portion of the brain stops suddenly. Brain cells are dependent on oxygen within the blood and without this, start to die after a few minutes, hence the maxim, Time is Brain. Stroke symptoms reflect the area of the brain that has been injured and although recovery …

Ectopic Pregnancy: All You Need To Know About This Abnormal Pregnancy Condition

If you are young, female and sexually active; then this information is just ideal for you. If you have a wife or a girlfriend or a sister, then please try to follow this article closely. I will talk about Ectopic Pregnancy.
What is known as a Ectopic Pregnancy? 
A normal pregnancy develops inside the womb. A pregnancy is referred to as “ectopic” when it develops anywhere else outside the womb. Sometimes the ectopic pregnancy can be in the tubes, the cervix (the entrance to the womb) or the ovaries.

An ectopic pregnancy is sometimes called a “tubal pregnancy” because the commonest location in a woman’s reproductive tract for an ectopic pregnancy is the Fallopian tube. That’s exactly why you may hear doctors use the terms interchangeably because it’s essentially the same.
And to make what I’m saying easier for people who are not in the medical field, I have attached a little image of a woman’s reproductive system for better understanding. So let’s use this picture to explain what a normal p…

6 Amazing Health Benefits Of Kiwifruit You Should Know Today

The nice fruit known as kiwifruit (also called kiwi) is an edible berry that's the size of a normal chicken egg.
The faint crust surrounds a green fruit with black seeds and a creamy white centre. When the fruit is peeled or cut open, it looks nice. It has a slightly sweet and sour taste that most people enjoy and savour.
In addition to its beauty and taste, the kiwi contains an amazing amount of nutrients. It is an excellent source of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and also contains a good amount of vitamins A, E and K. Other mineral content of kiwifruit also includes potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.
All these essential nutrients in the fruit combined together provides an additional benefit of dietary fibre. It also contain little carbohydrates and calories.
Another incredible fact about kiwis is that it is grown in many different parts of the world, this fruit can be found in most shops all year round.
Kiwi fruit can be eaten ordinarily or mixed in a shake. You can also add k…

Staying Up Late Into The Night Can Lead To Early Death - New Research Reveals 

New research warns that staying up late can make you die young
People who stay up late into the night and have to drag themselves out of bed are likelier to die younger than those who rise and set with the Sun, researchers said.
A survey of more than 430,000 people carried out in Britain found that night owls had a 10-percent higher risk of dying in the 6.5-year study period than “larks”.
“This is a public health issue that can no longer be ignored,” said study co-author Malcolm van Schantz of the University of Surrey — and argued that “night types” should be allowed to start and finish work later in the day.
“Night owls trying to live in a morning-lark world may (suffer) health consequences,” said fellow author Kristen Knutson of the Northwestern University in Chicago.
The duo gathered information on nearly half-a-million people aged 38-73 from a public database.
The participants had defined themselves as either “definitely a morning person” (27 percent), “more a morning person than evenin…

7 Things To Do When Bitten By A Snake

Do you know the antidotes of a snake bite? Do you know what to do for first aid when bitten by a snake? What do you do if you're bitten by a snake? How do you tell if a snake is poisonous or not?
To be bitten by a snake is a serious danger because you can't tell immediately if you've been poisoned with the snakes venom. There are many venomous snakes lurking around in our home areas and playground. The world most poisonous snake known as the black Mamba can have its victim writhing to death in a few minutes.
So, a greater danger is not knowing what to do ASAP if a snake bites you, or a scorpion stings you. With a delayed urgent attention, death may become inevitable.
How do you treat a snake bite? Knowledge of snakebite first aid can be the difference between death and survival for a victim. While it is highly important to get emergency treatment as quickly as possible, keep these tips in mind for first aid that could be lifesaving.
Common Symptoms Of A Snake Bite
People who ha…

How To Protect Yourself Against Lassa Fever 

Have you heard about the new viral killer disease that has killed many in the Western part of Africa, most especially in Nigeria? The disease known as Lassa fever kills.
Just like in the case of Ebola virus that ravaged Africa a while ago, some health workers have lost their lives to Lassa fever after attempting to care and treat initial victims of the disease. Lassa fever in Nigeria is now one of the most dreaded infection.
This viral disease that is linked to rats makes rats your enemies now. In this blog post, you would learn how to protect yourself against the disease Lassa fever.
Before we move ahead, let's have a look at what a Lassa fever is below:

What is Lassa fever?
Lassa fever is a viral disease carried by the multi-mammate rat (Mastomys natalensis). The most common method of transmission is the consumption or inhalation of rat urine or feces. Lassa fever can also be spread through cuts and open sores.
What Are The Symptoms Of Lassa Fever?
The symptoms of Lassa fever are incre…

Video Game Addiction To Be Classified As A Disorder - WHO

There have been a lot of skepticism about video game addiction and whether it's truly a medical condition that should be classified as a disease, as the World Health Organization plans to officially do in a couple of month.
"Some people think it trivializes other diseases. People think, 'Oh my God, how can you get addicted to gaming? Just put (the controller) down,' or like, 'Please, then anything can be a disease,'" says Lisa Pont, a social worker at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto.
The WHO has said it will include "gaming disorder" in a June update to its International Classification of Diseases (ICD), defining it as a pattern of behaviour "characterized by impaired control over gaming, increasing priority given to gaming over other activities to the extent that gaming takes precedence over other interests and daily activities, and continuation or escalation of gaming despite the occurrence of negative consequences.&qu…