4 Must Have Physical Traits for Health and Longevity

Most  people  have  already  set  the  health  and  fitness  goals  that  they  want  to  achieve  in  their next  fitness  cycle. According  to  most  fitness  experts,  physical  goals  are  the  ones  that  shape how  long  you  will  live  and  how  healthy  you  will  be.  But,  these  goals  do  not  just  come  easily without  putting  some  traits  into  focus.  While proper  diet  and  steroids  like anavar  will  be  of help,  what  one  must  have  to  succeed  include  strength,  workout  capacity,  body  composition and  mobility.  So,  let  us  look  at  each  one  of  them  and  how  they  help  in  achieving  health  and longevity  goals. 


As  most  of  you  know,  specific  workouts  are  designed  to  increase  body  strength  especially when  performed  in  the  right  manner.  Any  fitness  trainer  will  list  for  you  the  workouts  to  focus on  if  your  goal  is  to  increase  muscle,  core  and  tendon  strength  over  time.  However,  the strength  that  you  need  varies  depending  on  many  things  including  goals  and  body physiology. 

Some  of  the  best  workouts  to  consider  include  deadlifts  of  the  appropriate  weight  and number  of  reps,  bench  presses,  squats  with  a  weight  on  your  shoulders  and  pull-ups. However,  these  are  not  the  only  exercises,  and  others  that  are  appropriate  can  be  included also. 

Workout  Capacity 

When  it  comes  to  workout  capacity,  all  we  need  to  focus  on  is  the  endurance  level  of  your body.  Before  focusing  on  other  traits,  the  body  needs  to  endure  the  appropriate  level  of workouts.  At  first,  getting  a  measure  of  how  far  the  body  can  go  is  very  crucial.  It  could  be timed  running,  a  measure  of  the  number  of  reps  that  can  be  done  per  set  or  any  other suitable  measure. 

Some  of  the  best  physical  activities  that  can  help  in  determining  workout  capacity  include  a timed  farmer’s  walk,  fitness  biking,  treadmill  running  and  rower  machine  use  among  many other  exercises.  Make  sure  that  this  is  done  repeatedly  on  different  days  to  note  the  trend  or average. 

Body  Composition 

Knowing  the  amount  of  fat  and  muscles  contained  in  the  body  is  also  another  crucial  factor for  anyone  with  the  goal  of  succeeding  in  fitness.  This  information  also  indicates  how  healthy you  are.  Any  doctor  or  fitness  expert  will  tell  you  that  to  be  healthy  you  need  to  have  more muscles  and  less  fat.  

But,  how  does  one  find  all  this  out? Body  weight  will  say  it  all  if  you  are  an  adult.  It  may  not  be  the  most  accurate  method because  there  are  more  detailed  algorithms  to  measure  the  fat  to  muscle  ratio,  but  it  is  the most  commonly  used  by  many  people.  Also,  consider  other  measures  like  an  assessment  of your  outfits  and  photos  as  a  way  to  measure  body  composition. 


The  last  physical  trait  you  need  to  be  aware  of  for  a  healthy  lifestyle  and  longevity  is  mobility. Simply  put,  this  is  how  flexibly  and  easily  you  can  move  from  one  point  to  another.  Some bodies  are  stiff  to  movement  while  others  can  move  with  ease.  Those  with  high  mobility  are less  prone  to  injuries.  As  a  fitness  enthusiast,  you  need  a  high  level  of  mobility.  Mobility  is particularly important for those involved in gymnastics or dancing workouts.