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5 Superb Benefits Of Wearing Deodorants

Do you wear deodorants? Do you know that smelling nice can help you achieve a lot things when you out? Deodorants are popular today because not only do they help you fight body odour, but also boost your morale and self esteem. Do you also know that deodorants has several other benefits too? Deodorants come in different forms, most especially as perfumes, body spray, cologne, and roll-on. 
See below for the benefits of deodorants;
1. Fragrance
You already know this. The major use of deodorant has been for fragrance. It helps keep unwanted body odour at bay and ensures that you smell good throughout the day. Interestingly, there are now deodorants for different sexes which you can even order and buy online.
2. Enhances mood
Another main benefit of wearing deodorant is for enhancement of the mood. Deodorant helps lift your spirits. So, choose and wear a perfume that aligns with your present occasion so that you can get in the mood for it.
3. Boosts confidence
A nice deodorant can boost your co…

5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Cashew Nuts You Should Know

Have you ever eaten a cashew? Do you know the many health benefits of cashew nuts? If you don't, you're in the right place to learn about it. Read on.
Cashews which grows on a cashew nuts tree have a buttery, sweet, and salty taste, with a unique shape, and they are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals that your body requires.  
Many people eat cashews fresh and some eat it after they have been roasted and salted, which turns them into a delicious snack.
Nutritional Contents of Cashew nuts
For Cashews, Raw, 1 ounce - you have;
1. Calories155 calories 2. Carbohydrates9.2 g 3. Protein5.1 g 4. Vitamin E0.3 mg 5. Vitamin K9.5 mg 6. Vitamin B60.1 mg 7. Calcium10.4 mg 8. Sodium3.4 mg
What Are the Health Benefits of Cashew nuts?
1. Rich in nutrients
Although cashews are one of the lowest-fiber nuts, they are packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. These include vitamins E, K, and B6, along with minerals like copper, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, iron, and selenium, all of which are …

Stay Fit with Only 150 Minutes of Working Out per Week 

When  it  comes  to  training,  what  matters  most  is  the  intensity,  and  not  the  duration.  An efficient  30-minute  training  routine  can  be  just  as,  or  even  more,  valuable  than  an  hour-long sweat  stint.  What  matters  most  is  how  you  tailor  your  exercise  regimen. 
Your  workouts  should  consist  of  a  blend  of  cardio  and  resistance  training  to  get  the  most  out of  your  half-hour  training  spell.  For  example,  a  celebrity  fitness  coach  designs  30-minute training  sessions  consisting  of  20  minutes  of  resistance  training  and  a  10-minute  cardio workout.
Also,  performance  enhancements  can  help  you  reap  the  most  out  of  the  30-minute  workout, more  so  if  you  are  aiming  to build  muscle.   
The  American  College  of  Sports  Medicine  (ACSM)  suggests  20  minutes  to  one  hour  of medium  intensity  cardio  training  for  at  least  three  days  a  week.  These  workout  times  are  not only  useful  but  also  es…

7 Unbelievable Signs You Are Undereating 

Do you know that food is essential for your body? Food is very important for the body to function properly. So, whenever you do not eat, your body shows specific signs. The issue here is that quite a number of people are unaware of some of these signs, so Ink & Pen's Blog - Rapport Naija, the best health blog highlights the signs when you are not eating enough food. 
Signs You Are Not Feeding Well
1. Constant hunger
Do you stay hungry always? Being hungry at all times is one of the obvious signs that you do not eat well. If your calorie intake reduces, your body will send signals that forces you to eat in order to provide the calories the body requires to function. So, do not wait until you are extremely famished before get food to eat.
2. Your clothes are now unfit
If your favourite clothes are no more fitting your body anymore, maybe due to weight loss, it is high time you evaluated your food choices and intake counts. Ensure that you eat good food at appropriate times to stay fi…

7 Injuries Car Airbags Can Cause If They Deploy

What are the uses of airbags? Do you have airbags installed in your car? Airbags may have saved the lives of many accident victims. Saving people is what they were built to do, but however, the opposite happen sometimes and injure or kill people.
Airbags that function properly which gives you the confidence to over speed with the assurance that nothing can happen because your car has one are capable of causing severe injuries to you.
Before we delve into some of the injuries that can be sustained when airbags are deployed, you should know that this safety equipment can kill children easily. This is one major reason why kids are advised to be kept away from the front seat until they are 13-15 years old or big enough to fit into space properly.
Even as an adult, these are some of the injuries that can be sustained when airbags deploy. Some of these injuries include;

1. Facial Injury
The face is usually the first part of the body that comes in contact with airbags when they are deployed. This…

How Too Much Water  Is  a  Bigger  Threat Than  Too  Little 

To  a  layperson,  such  a  topic  sounds  confusing.  Most  people  know  that  the  body  needs  more water  to  remain  healthy  and  function  properly. Beginners  in  athletics  and  fitness  also  know that  they  need  to  drink  a  lot  of  water  to  remain  hydrated.  However,  there  is  a  concern  that hyperhydration  can  be  risky  for  an  athlete. 
Avoiding  drinking  too  much  water  has  been  advised  by  experienced  medical  researchers after  various  studies  on  the  issue.  Apart  from  derailing  your steroides  oraux  fitness enhancement  programs,  there  are  numerous  other  threats  that  come  along  with  drinking  too much  water.  But,  how  is  this  possible?  Keep  reading  to  understand  more  especially  if  you are  an  athlete  who  has  been  taking  water  consumption  too  far. 
Where  Confusion  Began 
There  is  no  doubt  that  most  sportsmen  and  sportswomen  drink  more  water  than  the  body needs.  Previously,  they  had  been  le…

5 Gas Safety Tips You Should Know Today

Are gas stoves safe? Many of us use gas cookers and keep a gas cylinder at home. We surely must have derived great benefit in using gas cookers and have experienced how efficient and convenient it is to use. People who have previously made use of kerosene stoves and firewood can attest to the fact that gas cookers are simply the best. 
However, one of the biggest problems usually encountered with using a gas cooker is safety. If you are the careless type of person, gas cookers are not for you because it can lead to a serious catastrophe. For this reason, Ink & Pen's Blog - RapportNaija - the best Health Blog you can trust shares gas safety hacks you must know.
Safety Tips For Using A Gas Cooker
1. Maintain your appliances well 
It is recommended that gas appliances should be safety checked and serviced at least once annually, unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer. A thorough service on your boiler and gas supply will include a range of tests and checks to ensure that the …

Smelly Feet (Bromodosis): 3 Effective Tips To Curb This Problem

3 Important Tips To Curb Smelly Feet (Bromodosis)
Do you have coworkers or friends that you can't stand pulling off their shots because of the pungent smell that would emanate? Or are you the type that when you go visiting your friend and relatives, because of your persistent smelly feet, you can’t pull off your shoes? 
The top questions on the minds of persons like these are "how do I get rid of smelly feet?  How can I make my feet stop smelling?"
What does it mean if you have stinky feet? Smelly foot, which is also known as bromodosis, is a well known embarrassing problem faced by many people today.
The cause of bromodosis is the breakdown of sweat in the presence of bacteria thereby releasing a strong offensive odour. According to Healthline, fungal infections like athlete’s foot can often lead to bromodosis. But, whether caused by sweat acted upon by bacteria or by fungal infections, the good news is that it can easily be treated.
Smelly feet can be treated through the fol…