5 Gas Safety Tips You Should Know Today

Are gas stoves safe? Many of us use gas cookers and keep a gas cylinder at home. We surely must have derived great benefit in using gas cookers and have experienced how efficient and convenient it is to use. People who have previously made use of kerosene stoves and firewood can attest to the fact that gas cookers are simply the best. 

However, one of the biggest problems usually encountered with using a gas cooker is safety. If you are the careless type of person, gas cookers are not for you because it can lead to a serious catastrophe. For this reason, Ink & Pen's Blog - RapportNaija - the best Health Blog you can trust shares gas safety hacks you must know.

Safety Tips For Using A Gas Cooker 

1. Maintain your appliances well 

It is recommended that gas appliances should be safety checked and serviced at least once annually, unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer. A thorough service on your boiler and gas supply will include a range of tests and checks to ensure that the appliances are operating safely.

2. Ensure a Carbon Monoxide (CO2) alarm is installed

Carbon monoxide is not only a potentially dangerous gas, it is also unbelievably hard to detect as it is both odourless and colourless. Carbon monoxide alarms detect and alert you to the presence of the poisonous gas. This alarm should be fitted in your home.

3. Adequate ventilation

It is highly recommended that you keep your gas cylinders upright in a well ventilated area that is situated away from open flames, power outlets and electrical appliances. Also, if your room or storage area for your gas cylinders is always hot, endeavour to always open your windows, so that cool breeze can come in.

4. Never be careless when cooking

Today, gas cookers and electric cookers are found in almost every home because it is now inexpensive. When cooking with these similar appliances, don’t sit or stand too close to the gas heater or cooker when it is in use, as this can be hazardous or result in gas burns.

5.  Never light a naked flame if you smell CO2

Ensure you refrain from lighting a match, cigarette lighter, or any other source of flame or spark whenever you smell or perceive carbon monoxide. If you do, you are at risk of burning down your home as a result of an explosion.

Conclusion: Never be ignorant of gas cooker safety tips cited in this article. Stay vigilant and safe always.