How Too Much Water  Is  a  Bigger  Threat Than  Too  Little 

To  a  layperson,  such  a  topic  sounds  confusing.  Most  people  know  that  the  body  needs  more water  to  remain  healthy  and  function  properly. Beginners  in  athletics  and  fitness  also  know that  they  need  to  drink  a  lot  of  water  to  remain  hydrated.  However,  there  is  a  concern  that hyperhydration  can  be  risky  for  an  athlete. 

Avoiding  drinking  too  much  water  has  been  advised  by  experienced  medical  researchers after  various  studies  on  the  issue.  Apart  from  derailing  your steroides  oraux  fitness enhancement  programs,  there  are  numerous  other  threats  that  come  along  with  drinking  too much  water.  But,  how  is  this  possible?  Keep  reading  to  understand  more  especially  if  you are  an  athlete  who  has  been  taking  water  consumption  too  far. 

Where  Confusion  Began 

There  is  no  doubt  that  most  sportsmen  and  sportswomen  drink  more  water  than  the  body needs.  Previously,  they  had  been  led  to  believe  that  they  needed  to  keep  consuming  water during  exercise  to  prevent  dehydration-induced  heat  illnesses.  The  experts  claimed  that dehydration  was  the  major  cause  of  collapsing  during  the  game  or  extreme  exercise. Therefore,  it  was  thought  that  all  people  in  fitness  and  sports  should  keep  drinking  water  to remain  hydrated. 

In  addition  to  pure  water,  they  also  encourage  consuming  sports  drinks  that  are  already common  in  the  market.  Some  athletes  bring  their  favorite  type  of  sports  drink  that  they believe  will  best  keep  them  well  hydrated.  So,  why  do  some  other  athletes  in  competitions rarely  collapse  even  when  they  do  not  drink  as  much  water  as  some  advise?  Do  all  athletes really  need  so  much  water?  Some  medical  researchers  have  disagreed  with recommendations  to  drink  even  more  water  and  gone  ahead  to  prove  how  too  much  water can  pose  a  health  risk. 

Effects  of  Too  Much  Water  for  Athletes

The  good  news  is  that  the  body  does  not  really  need  a  large  amount  of  water  during  a competition  as  long  as  one  is  healthy.  If  you  have  been  staying  hydrated  throughout  the  day, then  you  do  not  need  to  triple  that  amount  when  exercising.  A  science  report  indicates  that one  will  only  collapse  due  to  dehydration  when  the  water  level  is  below  15  percent  of  the normal  requirement.  This  is  equivalent  to  staying  for  2  days  in  the  desert  without  water. When  you  increase  the  amount  of  water  to  more  than  needed,  this  can  derail  both  mental and  physical  performance.  

Most  athletes  risk  experiencing  a  state  of  confusion,  coma  and seizures  if  the  water  level  goes  overboard  as  little  as  5  percent.  For  instance,  Zyree,  a Georgia  football  player,  drank  more  than  4  gallons  of  fluid  during  his  regular  practice.  When he  arrived  home,  he  collapsed  and  later  was  declared  dead  at  the  hospital. 


Even  though  most  coaches  will  encourage  athletes  to  keep  hydrated,  it  is  crucial  to understand  the  limits.  Medical  experts  say  that  the  consequences  of  being  dehydrated  are less  than  those  of  overhydration.  Therefore,  it  is  crucial  to  follow  your  body  and  only  drink more  water  and  fluids  when  you  feel  thirsty.  The  body  is  designed  to  alert  you  of  its  needs. Fortunately,  athletes  will  rarely  collapse  of  dehydration  if  they  follow  this  rule.  On  the contrary, drinking too much water can be life threatening to them.