Smelly Feet (Bromodosis): 3 Effective Tips To Curb This Problem

3 Important Tips To Curb Smelly Feet (Bromodosis)

Do you have coworkers or friends that you can't stand pulling off their shots because of the pungent smell that would emanate? Or are you the type that when you go visiting your friend and relatives, because of your persistent smelly feet, you can’t pull off your shoes? 

The top questions on the minds of persons like these are "how do I get rid of smelly feet? 
How can I make my feet stop smelling?"

What does it mean if you have stinky feet? Smelly foot, which is also known as bromodosis, is a well known embarrassing problem faced by many people today.

The cause of bromodosis is the breakdown of sweat in the presence of bacteria thereby releasing a strong offensive odour. According to Healthline, fungal infections like athlete’s foot can often lead to bromodosis. But, whether caused by sweat acted upon by bacteria or by fungal infections, the good news is that it can easily be treated.

Smelly feet can be treated through the followings:

1. Regular cleaning of the feet

You need to wash your feet with clean water and soap regularly. Thorough scrubbing and the use of sanitizer to clean the feet may be necessary. 

2. Before wearing socks and shoes, feet must be dry

Many people are always on the rush and have no time to thoroughly dry their body before jumping into their clothes and shoes. You should be informed that the feet should be dried with a clean towel before putting on socks or shoes. If you really want to get rid of bromodosis, you have to follow this tip religiously.

3. Use of antiperspirants

The use of antiperspirant is also an effective way to handle smelly feet. Rub your normal “roll-on” under your feet as this will reduce sweat.

Conclusion: Work on your overall cleanliness. Add disinfectant to a bucket of water, dip your legs into it and wash thoroughly. 

Do not wear same socks more than once. If you have just one socks, make sure to wash them daily and dry properly before you wear again. 

Also, buy and wear shoes that allows your feet to get air properly. If not, always put your shoes out in the sun regularly for proper drying to give it a more refreshing smell.