Want to Quit Smoking? See 8 Exercises That Will Help You Drop Smoking

Do you smoke and would like to stop smoking after learning about all the various dangers associated with it? No matter whether you chew, sniff or smoke - the harmful content of tobacco remains dangerous. Some of the harmful substances in tobacco are formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, arsenic, benzopyrene, nickel, and cadmium.
These harmful substances are capable of affecting your central nervous system, respiratory system, digestive system, cardiovascular system and reproductive system. Do you know how to repair lungs after smoking? Exercises are one of these ways. Smoking and exercises are incompatible, that is why exercises is a surefire way to help quit the bad habit. 
There is no known safe way to use tobacco. The bad health impacts of smoking or tobacco usage can vary from sufferings of a minor headache to serious health conditions like liver damage and cancer.
Quitting smoking or tobacco usage can change your life tremendously in a positive way and will increase your overall life expecta…

Liver Damage: 8 Dangerous Habits That Cause Damages To Your Liver

Do you know what can damage the liver? We all know the liver is one of the most vital organs of the body. It plays a vital role in numerous physiological processes including digestion, metabolism and blood detoxification. Liver fitness is something that many people often overlook when they have to find the middle ground between their lifestyle and food habits.
Since the liver plays a major role in body detoxification, anything that reaches inside your body will have an effect on your liver health. Generally, liver damage does not just occur all of a sudden. The Liver damage growth is gradual, and the symptoms will start to show up only in the later stages of the damage.
Usually, many victims discover and diagnose a liver disease too late. There are some crucial ways to keep your liver healthy. One of these is to always follow a healthy and balanced diet and get regular exercise. Keep an eye on your body weight. Excess alcohol consumption can also damage your liver cells leading to a c…

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID): Women, Learn More About This Disease

The term Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) is a serious health condition that affects women. According to Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 8 women with a history of PID experiences serious difficulties getting pregnant. Have you heard of it before and you know its cause? Read more below:

What is PID?
Pelvic inflammatory disease is an infection of a woman’s reproductive organs, such as the fallopian tube, uterus and the ovaries. PID is a common cause of pelvic pain in women. When it affects the uterus, it is called endometritis. For fallopian tubes, it is salpingitis, while for ovaries is oophoritis. It may also affect the pelvic peritoneum.
What causes PID?
PID is mostly caused by sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), such as Chlamydia infection or Gonorrhoea.

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Other causes of PID include;
- Miscarriage
- Abortion
- IUCD users have a high incidence of PID. (IUCD (Intrauterine Contraceptive Devi…

Menstrual Cycle And Ovulation Period: All You Need To Know About These Terms

Many girls are yet to understand the real meaning of Menstrual Cycle & Ovulation Period, and they do not know it works. And this could be because of the big English vocabularies that are used to teach it, and also because they don't pay attention to their bodies too.
This post is aimed to answer many different questions that young girls and women always ask like; how many days after your period are you fertile? How many days after a period can you get pregnant? After menstruation how many days is safe? Can I get pregnant 3 days after my period? Can you get pregnant 7 days after your period?
Others questions people ask are; how many days does ovulation last? Can I get pregnant 5 days after my period? Can I get pregnant a week after my period? Can you get pregnant a week after your period? Can I get pregnant after my period has just finished? How many days after a period are safe to avoid pregnancy?
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Below is all you need to know about the Me…

Cleanliness: Five Ways To Make Your Toilet A Safe Place

Wikipedia says a toilet is a sanitation fixture used for the storing or disposal of human urine and faeces. In some countries, they use “squat” toilets, but in Nigeria, we use “seat” toilets mostly.
For some, the toilet is not just a place for excreting human wastes, but for relaxation. Are you wondering how a toilet can be a relaxation spot for some people?  Do you know that some people take their smartphones inside and chat away, watch movies, and also read books etc.? These set of people spend longer time than necessary.
You can make your toilet a clean and disease free area by modestly following these six simple toilet safety tips.
1. Cleanliness: Sit On The Seats, Don’t Squat
Because of fear of contracting diseases, some would rather squat on the toilet seat than sit on it. It is unsafe to do this because you could fall, break a limb and probably get yourself all mixed up with the slimy filths you were trying to avoid in the first place.
Squatting on the toilet seat does not neces…

Do You Want To Stay Healthy And Fit Always? If Yes, See Habits To Stop And Tips To Follow

Are you healthy and fully fit? Do you stay fit for a long time?
Many of us are fond of doing things that are bad for our health, maybe due to ignorance or adequate knowledge. There are some habits we do daily that are harmful to our body fitness.
To stay fit, healthy, and free from illnesses and dangerous diseases, you need to improve on some habits.
Healthy Living- Below Are Important Tips To Stay Healthy And Fit:
1. Always answer the phone by your left ear, instead of the right ear. Scientific researchers’ advice that you use your left ear while using a cellphone (mobile) because if you use the right one, it will affect your brain directly.
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2. Do not drink coffee twice a day. Though, a new study suggested that coffee is good for the body, but desist from taking too much of it daily.
3. Do not take medicines with warm water. Warm water is good for the body because it helps in the circulation of the blood and also protects internal or…

Can Push-Up Bras Cause Breast Cancer In Ladies? These Facebook Page Claims It Does (Photos)

According to this Facebook page report, the reasons behind high incidence of breast cancer in ladies who use push-up bras have been exposed. The report claims there is a flaming liquid, magnet and some beads inside the cotton of push-up bras which can cause breast cancer. Below is what the Facebook page shared:

“One of Satan's tricks has been exposed again.
Beautiful Ladies and lover of fashion beware of your so called "push up" bra, inside the cotton, there is this flaming liquid, a magnet and some beats inside. Today it has been exposed. This is one of the easiest ways of cancer spread. Please check your bra after buying them.
Share this message and save a soul, God bless you as you spread this news across Facebook”.

See pictures of the bra below:

Dangers Of Unprotected Sex: Expert Warns Youths

Dr Uche Ene, a Gynecologist, has advised young people to avoid unprotected sex in order not to contact gonorrhoea and ensure healthy living as well as increased their chances of fertility.
Ene, a former Director of Public Health, Enugu State, gave the advice in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Enugu on Tuesday.
He said it was worrisome the level to which youths involved in casual sex in the country, adding the development had led to the high number of youths being infected with gonorrhea.
He further explained that the disease could lead to infertility if not well treated at its initial stage.
Ene noted that it could be treated if only the patient could visit the hospital and avoid self-treatment, adding that self-medication could lead to more problem in the patient.
He urged further youths to abstain from sex until they were married, saying that if they could not wait until they were married, they should make sure they use condom.
According to him, gonorrhea is a sexual…

Do Not Eat Roasted Plantain And Suya Because They Can Cause Cancer – SOGHIN Warns Nigerians

Health News: Nigerians have been advised to go for periodic medical screening, especially for colon cancer, which is said to be a massive burden on the country, as it is common among people above 40.
The President, Society for Gastroenterology and Hepatology in Nigeria President, Professor Musa Borodo, gave this warning at a press briefing commemorating the 10th Scientific Conference and Annual General Meeting of the association in Ado Ekiti.
Borodo warned that diseases such as colorectal cancer, liver cancer, helicobacter pyloris and other infections that occur in the gastrointestinal tract, are usually not easy to detect when looking out for signs and symptoms.
And when the symptoms are obvious they are often too late to treat. According to him, about 10 percent of people in Nigeria are suffering from Hepatitis B – a viral infection – which he warned could lead to cancer, if not properly treated.
“This (Hepatitis B) is something that can be prevented, if you don’t treat it, it could bec…

Killers Of A Marriage: See 27 Things That Crashes A Marriage

Are you married and your marriage is tumbling right in your eyes? Do you plan to marry anytime from now and would love to know the things you need to avoid so as to have a long lasting marriage?
Do you know the things that you do or do not do that could kill your marriage? As a man or woman, there are some certain things required of you to keep your marriage alive. The moment you start deviating from these things, then you have already planted a seed that could crash your love relationship.
Below are 27 things that can make a marriage die:
1.  Laziness kills a marriage. Work hard and show your spouse you are capable of running things. Make solid efforts that show your partner you are in the relationship for a long term.
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2. Suspicion kills a marriage. If you have any reason to suspect your spouse of any wrongdoing, do talk it out and settle it at once. Never harbour suspicion.
3. Lack of trust kills a marriage. What is a relationship that …

Job Recruitment Process: My Most Recent Personal Experience With Oral Interviews

Experience is the best teacher! I am going to be sharing a job recruitment process experience I had couple weeks ago. Like me, if you are a university graduate with a good qualification, and want to gain employment in top private and government companies and organizations, you can relate.
Who needs to read this? I think everybody should. Maybe you are still studying in school to gain B.Sc. or post-graduate qualifications, then you would certainly need to apply for a job at a point in time – except you are Dangote or Otedola’s son or daughter- you certainly need to read this to the end.
So, I had this wonderful job interview experience at this top Nigerian commercial bank and only going to share because I got a feedback. Though the feedback didn’t come directly, it came from a ‘connect’ who I got to meet later, who then had to do the background running and came back with the feedback.

Experience is the best teacher!
I have various job recruitment processes experiences over the years, fr…

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