PEP; The Cure For HIV

Post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP)
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When I heard that lots of people still contact HIV diseases, I was shocked. With all the awareness in this age and time, I didn't believe such could still continue to exist at that rate.

Post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) is an emergency procedure which cures HIV. It involves the use of anti-HIV medications within 72 hours after exposure (that is you have just 3 days after exposure to take the drugs).

PEP prevents HIV from thriving within the body, the virus will be hindered from making copies of itself and spreading through the body. The drug is taken for a period of one month and it has mild side-effects like flu and nausea which is not life threatening.

PEP is used by anyone that has been exposed to the virus because they cant be sure if they have it or not. Immediately after exposure, it is advisable to go to HIV center or the nearest government hospital near you. Even if they don't have, they may know of other hospitals that have.

PEP is very expensive and can't be found in pharmacies and drugstore. Anti-retroviral drugs are usually sponsored by the government.

Although PEP is not 100% effective, depending on the method of exposure and health status. People who got HIV through blood transfusion may not be so lucky unlike people who got it through unprotected sex or needle sharing.


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