Warning To All NYSC Corp Member!

NYSC members seeking job, NYSC

I fell a victim, none of you should. I was promised heaven and earth after service, because of this I relented in searching for jobs. I was 100 percent sure the promises people made to get me a great job will be fulfilled.

I was close to people who knew the governor, senators, people who worked in good places and have high reputation. Trust me I was too sure they would get me a job, I was part of the corpers who says (They will retain us.)

Few weeks before NYSC ended, reality dawned on me, no one will get you any job anywhere. This is why you have to work hard towards getting a job before you finish NYSC; if then, someone who promised gives you a better offer, you can leave the one you found and continue with the one you were promised (that's even if they ever fulfill the promises).

Ladies, guys, don't ever sleep with anyone for favour, money or job. It hurts to be betrayed, you will be full of hatred and your partner will not feel a thing.

This is because everyone sees corper as a sex opportunity, someone who will go back to where he/she came from and will not pose a future problem.

Someone you can date within a year and replace with another corper the following year. This is what they see us as.

There is no genuine love for a corper except it is for a purpose and having sex does not justify or prove that.

Thank you.


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