How To Get A Woman's Phone Number With Style

How To Get A Woman's Phone Number With Style
You sure know it's time to exchange phone number once you have broken the ice and a good conversation has been initiated with a woman.

But what will set you apart from every other guy out there that she meets?

How about a business card? Yes a business card! It doesn't necessarily have to be a card with your business details on it, but your contact details.

With a business card, you can get a woman's phone number with style without even asking for her phone number.

You should carry pre-made cards everywhere you go like a business man. It could simply be a card with a picture of you on the background, and has your name in the top corner and your phone number and email address in the bottom corner.

Once upon a time, I was talking to these two beautiful ladies that I'd met at a friend-of-friends' party and we hit it off instantly. And when they were about to leave, I noticed that one of them went to get their bags.

She came back with her phone, and as she was about to ask for my phone number, I handed her one of my cards instead. She stared at the card and said, "A business card... that's super hot. Wow!"
And truly, they both called the next day.

If you are really into women, you will surely know that meeting and attracting women is big business, and sometimes a difficult business. So why not just be prepared with a business card?

Business cards will put you a step ahead of women and at least 5 steps ahead of the average Tom, Dick, and Harry trying to hit on the same women with you.


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