Nigerian Workers Earn Lowest in the World, Politicians Earn Highest - See Evidence

minimum wage in Nigeria compared to the world

Made-in-Nigeria Scam: Nigerian Workers Earn Lowest in the World, Politicians Earn Highest 

I stumbled on this trending post on Facebook and I thought it is only right if I share on the blog. Worker's day was just yesterday, and something that should be a well-deserved break for workers around the country became a day to show aggravation to the government. Nigeria's President wasn't even strong enough to come address the nation's workers. Many of the workers are being owed salaries of many months, pensioners are unable to assess their rightful pension. the country's economy is in shambles. Cost of living and prices of commodities keep rising on the daily with the economy regressing, yet there is no increase in the minimum wages of workers. 

Nigerian workers earn the lowest among other nations, yet out Political officers voted into office by the electorates earn the most across the world. This is bad! Things need to change. 

The list below shows a comparison of Nigeria's minimum wage against other nations. See:


1. Nigeria - $38 (N18,000).
2. Algeria - $175 (N83,000).
3. Belgium - $1,738 (N810,000).
4. Cameroon - 36, 270CFA ($75) N38,000.
5. Chad - $120 (N60,000).
6. Denmark - $1,820 (N900,000).
7. Libya - $430 (N190,000).
8. Japan - $1000 (N450,000).
9. Cote D'ivoire -36,607CFA $72.
10. New Zealand -$3,187 (N1.4m).
11. Luxemburg - $2,500 (N1.1m).
12. Spain - $760. (N300,000).
13. Switzerland - $5,620 - N2.5m.
14. USA - $11 per hour.

Ironically, Nigeria politicians earn the highest salaries in the world. In Luxemburg where the minimum wage is $2,500, their lawmakers are paid $7,400. In Libya where the minimum wage is $430, law-makers earn $3000. 

In Nigeria where the minimum wage is $38 (N18,000), law-makers earn $65,000 (N29m).

This is not right. We cannot continue to fold our arms and watch Politicians who don't even need B.Scs and NYSC certificates to contest for Political offices continue to stifle away the country's fund. This is inequality. No equity. The way Nigeria is set up, the masses will continue to be poor. We need a transformation. We need a change from the status quo. This cannot continue to be acceptable!


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