Are You A Student? See 30 Reasons Why You Should Blog

30 reasons why students should blog

I started blogging out of the passion for communicating on large scale with online readers. I have always wanted to do this when I was still a student, but because of lack of enough resources, I couldn’t start till I graduated University. From all the experience I have been through so far, I now believe blogging is what students should do. Blogging is very interesting and I recommend that students should blog.

This post lists 30 reasons why students should blog. Yes, as a student, you need to be a blogger. Blogging can open many opportunities for you. You can blog about your personal thoughts and opinions, it could be on your school news, and it could be your class news or even tutorials on your course works, short stories/poetry or anything that interests you. This can give you a level of respect among your schoolmates and lecturers. You can start a personal free blog on WordPress, BlogSpot, Wix, or Tumblr. You can also use micro-blogging platforms like StumbleUpon, Reddit, Medium, and many others.

Top 30 Reasons Why Every Student Should Be A Blogger

1. Having a blog is an investment of your time and it will change things significantly for you.

2. Looking for money to pay some of your bills in school? Starting a blog to make money may help if done well.

3. Blogging will help you to improve your writing.

4. As a blogger, you will become very popular in your class, school, and may even be known worldwide.

5. With the trend of high rate of unemployment, starting a blog as a student will make it very easy for you to go professional after school.

6. Blogging boosts your passion for writing and freelancing.

7. It will boost your confidence hugely.

8. It makes it very easy for you to answer comprehension and summary questions.

9. Blogging makes it easier for you to convince your friends and lecturers to get a favour.

10. You become an authority in your blogging niche.

11. You can add it to your job experience in your CV, and mention it to interviewers when you get job opportunities.

12. Your posts are permanently stored and can be accessed anytime.

13. It helps you to write a perfect practical report as an engineering student.

14. Blogging exposes you to new terms and concepts like SEO, webmaster tools, GooglePanda, etc. all of which are great skills that can enhance your career.

15. It increases your relationship with the internet.

16. Blogging makes you more popular than your lecturers.

17. The more you blog, the more your vocabulary improves.

18. Through blogging, you can impress girls or guys in your class.

19. Blogging makes you express yourself freely so that the whole world can hear your views.

20. You can change bad or ill things happening in your faculty or department by crying out through your blog.

21. You become a solution to problems. Bloggers are known to create solutions to problems.

22. As a blogger, you will have people that will look up to you.

23. Your parents will be proud of you.

24. You will have the opportunity to partner with Google via Google AdSense and make cool cash. You can also venture into affiliate marketing, and sell ad spaces to brands.

25. The company you dream to work with might meet you to help them advertise on your blog.

25. Owning a blog automatically makes you a CEO.

26. It will help you engage more in critical thinking.

27. Blogging will make you current on instant news like CNN.

28. You can have fun blogging.

29. Blogging boosts your creativity.

30. Blogging extremely increases your exposure.

So, all these are reasons why students should try blogging. If you are up for it, get on search engines, and read how to you can become a blogger. 


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