See Nigerian Companies Salary Structure (Current Salary Structure of Companies in Nigeria)

Nigerian Companies Salary Structure (Current Salary Structure of Companies in Nigeria)

Are you looking to get job employment in Nigerian Companies? Or are you tired of your present job and you looking to change your job or career, then looking for Nigerian Companies Salary Structure? In this post, Ink and Pen’s Blog- Rapport Naija has carried out a vast research to provide the Current Salary Structure of Companies in Nigeria. All you need to do now is view the full details below:

The salary structure of Nigerian Companies is generally and constantly searched for by job seekers in Nigeria.  Job seekers who are new in the labour market tend to wonder what the salaries of companies in Nigeria are like. This they do when they have been invited for assessment tests or oral interviews. Many like to know beforehand as either a major source of motivation or as to gain a stronghold during salary negotiations.

If are here to know exactly what some popular Nigerian companies pay their entry-level staff (newly employed fresh graduates), then this is certainly for you. Continue to read on with alacrity and see the exact figures that these Nigerian companies pay.

PS: We did try our best to come up with these entry-level salary figures and ensure they are correct, but, we painstakingly admit that the information here may not be 100% accurate, therefore, bear in mind that the information on this page is subject to sudden change at any point in time.

Below are Nigerian Companies Salary Structure – Current Salary Structure of Companies in Nigeria:

Nigerian Oil and Gas Companies Salary Structure

Shell (SPDC) Salary Structure   N667,000 (permanent), N250,000 - N500,000 (contract staff)

Exxon Mobil Salary Structure     N1million

Total Oil Salary Structure      N1million

Mobil Oil Nigeria Salary Structure     N500,000

Mobil Producing Nigeria Salary Structure      N700,000 – N800,000

Schlumberger Salary Structure   N500,000

Chevron Salary Structure        N750,000+

Halliburton Salary Structure       N375,000

IOCs E&P (upstream) Salary Structure    N600,000 to N1million

Independents E&P (upstream) Salary Structure N300,000 – N600,000

Multinational oil servicing Salary Structure        N300,000 – N600,000

Tier 2/ Indigenous oil servicing Salary Structure  N200,000 – N400,000

Tier 1 downstream Salary Structure      N200,000 – N400,000

Tier 2 downstream Salary Structure      N150,000 – N200,000

NNPC Salary Structure   N190,000

DPR Salary Structure    N190,000

PPPRA Salary Structure N190,000

NestOil Plc Salary Structure    N150,000

NOTE: Multinational oil companies pay with respect to global standards because their employees are usually deployed to different parts of the world. This is the reason why they pay on of the highest salaries.

Nigerian Banks Salary Structure

Union Bank Salary Structure    N180,000/N258,000

Guaranty Trust Bank Salary Structure    N209,000

Keystone Bank Salary Structure N127,000 (excluding allowances)

Fidelity Bank Plc. Salary Structure      N180,000

Skye Bank Salary Structure     N104,000

FBN Capital Salary Structure      N400,000+

Diamond Bank Salary Structure  N240,000 (N80,000 for trainees)

United Bank for Africa Salary Structure  N142,000

First Bank Salary Structure     N150,000+ (With allowances worth around N150,000+)

Access Bank Salary Structure      N237,000

Enterprise Bank Salary Structure        N249,000

Manufacturing Companies in Nigeria Salary Structure

PZ Cussons Salary Structure        N145,000 (RDM i.e. sales)

Nigerian Bottling Company Salary Structure      N148,000 – N160,000

Cadbury Nigeria Plc. Salary Structure   N130,000

Frigoglass Salary Structure     N50,000

Nigerian Breweries Plc. Salary Structure      N350,000

Lafarge Salary Structure       N90,000 (excluding allowances)

Meristem Salary Structure       N100,000+ with profit sharing

Guinness Nigeria Salary Structure     N120,000 – N160,000

Dangote Sugar Salary Structure N150,000

Dangote Cement Salary Structure     N140,000

Telecommunications/Power/Energy Companies in Nigeria Salary Structure

General Electric (GE) Salary Structure     N300,000+

Huawei Technologies Salary Structure    N200,000

MTN Nigeria Salary Structure      N180,000 – N250,000

Globacom Salary Structure       N120,000

Airtel Nigeria Salary Structure     N100,000

Tecno Mobile Salary Structure   N120,000

Ericsson Salary Structure       N88,000

EEDC Eastern Electric Distribution Company Salary Structure     N350,000

PHCN Salary Structure   N79,000 (excluding bulk rent and pay leave allowance)

Auditing and Consulting Companies in Nigeria Salary Structure

KPMG Salary Structure  N171,000 Before Tax (non-chartered ET)/ N145,000 (non-chartered ETOP)

PWC Salary Structure     N140,000 (non-chartered)

Deloitte Salary Structure        N150,000 (After Tax)

Others General Company Salaries

P&G Salary Structure      N200,000+

INEC Salary Structure     N77,000 (including allowances)

PAL Salary Structure     N77,000

MultiChoice Salary Structure     N40,000 – N70,000

Aviation companies pay between N600,000 and N800,000 as salaries.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Company salaries above are for professional and permanent staffs’ monthly pay (not annual); they are not for contract staff.

*** Before/After Tax- some salary figures represent net total with tax deductions, while some represent salary without tax deductions. Some of the companies who pay outwardly low salaries supplement it with juicy allowances and perks.

*** Actual salaries may vary marginally depending on qualification, experience, and unit.

*** If you know the entry-level salaries of some other companies that are not featured on this list, kindly pass us the information, and we would be glad to include them to the list. Also, if you think some figures on this page outdated or totally wrong, please, do help us with the corrections (and you must show proof).


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