Short Story: Fresher Girl (Part 4 - Final) Written By Akintobi Jimoh

Short Story: Fresher Girls (Part 4 - Final) Written By Akintobi Jimoh

Short Story: Fresher Girl (Final Part) 

Hi, readers. Thanks for reading my short stories. For Fresher parts, look here for Part1, Part2, Part 3

Have I mentioned what she even told my friend, Little Kessy? Little Kessy is one short gossiper I know who is a man. He never keeps his mouth shut, and you can imagine who he would've narrated the story to before he came to me. I was boiling and cursing at every word that escaped out my mouth. "The girl is a bastard!", I spluttered as Lil Kessy narrated on.

This is Kessy's narration: "Guy, I have been talking to this girl for some time now and I finally got her to visit me, and she agreed to sleep over. As were we getting in the groove, she then asked if I know you. I told her I know you well, and she then told me you asked her out. She said you were weak and liked her too much. That you always too sweet with her, but she just couldn't date me."

"Bitch. Don't worry. The girl is a bastard. She would learn on this street." I told Lil Kessy. I further explained how I met her and all, and we just laughed over the matter. The following few weeks, I was at the end of the street at my friends' when one of them returned in the morning and said he slept over at a girl's place and that he had a nice time. He narrated how he ate a nice meal and ended up with couple rounds of lovemaking without even sweating it. Can you guess who the girl was?

Tara, yes Tara, fucking Tara! I think she got me with her cool ways when she just arrived campus, but she was really a whore, and it didn't even take her too long to start showing her true colours. How would I reveal to these my friends that this same whore had turned me down? I took it with a pinch of salt and started narrating her whorish ways to all my friends and neighbours that knew I had eyes for her. It was a sad experience, one that I regret till date.

The story has not ended because a shocker occurred later, and it was bigger than all the other atrocities I had cited in earlier paragraphs. Ha! This is hurtful, I shouldn't have to be the one to narrate this to you.


I was in my room relaxing and browsing the internet when my friend, Ajide, called me over the phone.

"Hello Owolabi, your girl is in my hostel, my room to be precise."

"Your room, which of my girls?"

"Your girl Tara, and I don't know what she's looking for oh. I just called you to notify you beforehand in case anything happens."

"Ha, what is my concern? Do whatever you like with her, she is not my girl. I beg."

"Okay oh, I will gist you later." Ajide hung the call.

I seriously didn't know how to or what to feel. What is this? Should I be angry at my friend for trying to hook up with the girl even if he didn't initiate it? Why should I, the girl walked down to his room herself. The girl is the bitch. I conjure all these thoughts bit by bit and freed myself off any worry. She is a bitch and I don't have to worry.

When I finally met Ajide, he gave me a rundown of the full gist. He said Tara knocked his door and he was surprised to see her because didn't inform him that the girl would be meeting me at his place. He let her in, and she disclosed that she had come to visit her friend who lives in his compound and decide to stop by and say hello. And that was how they got talking, and she continued visiting.

Tara became a regular visitor at Ajide's room, and she even cooks. I visited Ajide one evening and met Tara who had just finished cooking beans. It was a hell of an awkward sight, so much that she hurriedly left, and I ate beans and we laughed over it. More gist got to me of how Ajide started taking her pants off and she was having his manhood in her mouth licking it like a sweet stick. My friend swore to me he never really made love with her because she wasn't his type, even though he did have her backed sucking his dick. He said he just wasn't freaked about her body and he had to stop seeing her after she started asking for me.

That was how my fresher girl became a street dog. Trust my campus boys who are a bigger dog to have a bite and pass her around. The stories of her escapades kept getting to me but I looked away. It was none of my business, and I curse every day I saw her face-to-face.

Can you imagine that after we went on a long holiday, and resumed, after all, that had happened, Tara tried to greet me from afar. I was outside in front of my hostel was bewildered. I looked around to be sure I was the one she was greeting. I looked away, she came closer and pointed right in my face that she was greeting me. Can you guess what I did to her?

The End!


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