If You Do Not Want To Be Lynched As A Badoo Member In Ikorodu, Follow These Tips

If You Do Not Want To Be Lynched As A Badoo Member In Ikorodu, Follow These Tips

This Post Provides Adequate Tips On How To Avoid Getting Lynched Mistakenly As A Badoo Member In Ikorodu – Read Carefully!

It is no more news that residents of Ikorodu are not smiling and they have been taking laws into their hands in the quest for clamping down on the dreaded Badoo gangs disturbing the area, thereby lynching a few innocent souls, like the occurrences in Adamo and Odonguyan.
I hope after reading this, none of us will be mistaken as a member of Badoo terror gang. See the tips below:

1. Always Carry Your ID Card When You Go Out: If you reside in Ikorodu or you are visiting the area, and your employer still hasn't provided an ID card for you, please, now is the time to protest. Make sure you are always with a form of identity at all times.

2. Refrain From Silly Hairstyle or Haircut: Now is not the time to be some Burna Boy or Phyno! If you have a haircut with crazy partings, please avoid some areas in Ikorodu for now. The mobs are angry and funny haircuts are among their targets.

3. Avoid Indecent Dressing: For the sake of your loved ones, if you live in Ikorodu, stop sagging your trousers. Do not dress shabbily to risk walking down the road one day and you hear some persons shout 'badoo, badoo, badoo' and before you know it, you have been descended on.

4. Stay Away Move In The Night: In Ikorodu right now, you cannot afford to walk indiscriminately at night, unless absolutely necessary. Do not stay out late because the rate at which Ikorodu residents are hungry for Badoo blood, you might just be in the wrong place at night.

5. Be Steadfast In Prayer: Apologies to atheists who do not believe prayers, but I will advise everyone to try as much as possible to pray.

Conclusion: May we never fall victim of mistaken identity where we get lynched. If you friend owns a car or you are been offered a lift in the car, ensure that the car does not have palm oil, weapons, or grinding stones in it. Anyone caught with these items are lynched immediately in Ikorodu.
You are warned!


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