Menstrual Cycle And Ovulation Period: All You Need To Know About These Terms

Menstrual Cycle And Ovulation Period: All You Need To Know About These Terms

Many girls are yet to understand the real meaning of Menstrual Cycle & Ovulation Period, and they do not know it works. And this could be because of the big English vocabularies that are used to teach it, and also because they don't pay attention to their bodies too.

This post is aimed to answer many different questions that young girls and women always ask like; how many days after your period are you fertile? How many days after a period can you get pregnant? After menstruation how many days is safe? Can I get pregnant 3 days after my period? Can you get pregnant 7 days after your period?

Others questions people ask are; how many days does ovulation last? Can I get pregnant 5 days after my period? Can I get pregnant a week after my period? Can you get pregnant a week after your period? Can I get pregnant after my period has just finished? How many days after a period are safe to avoid pregnancy?

Below is all you need to know about the Menstrual period and menstrual cycle. Read carefully:

Menstrual Cycle And Ovulation Period: All You Need To Know About These Terms

MENSTRUAL PERIOD: This is the time blood flows out of your private area, then you use a pad.

MENSTRUAL CYCLE: These are days it takes to see another blood in the month. If you last saw your period on June 11th and it started again on July 10th 2017, then you have 30days cycle (count from 11 June to 10 July).

NOTE: It is erroneous to believe its 28days cycle; different women have different cycles ranging from 21-35 days.

OVULATION PERIOD: This is time to get pregnant without stress. This is exactly 2 weeks after your period or 2 weeks before the next period.

Menstrual Cycle And Ovulation Period: All You Need To Know About These Terms
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Looking for baby fertility calculator? Below is a simple way to calculate your ovulation (unsafe) period.

1. From the first day, you see the blood of your period.

2. Pick up a calendar and count 15 days including the first day of the blood stain.

3. Mark the 15th day with a pen.

4. Mark 3 days before the 15th day, and mark 3 days after the 15th day.

6. You will notice you have 7 days marked.

These 7 days are your ovulation/fertile days, which are also known as the unsafe period.

That is if you have sex on any of these days, there is a 98% chance of getting pregnant.

Learn to do this every month diligently.

Menstrual Cycle And Ovulation Period: All You Need To Know About These Terms

After menstruation how many days are safe? Every other day is your safe period.

For example:

1. If your period is 11th July 2017.

2. 15 days after the first day of the blood stain will be on 25th of this July too (2weeks after) counting from 11th.

3. 15th day is on the 25th July 2017.

4. 3days before the 15th day is 22, 23, and 24.

5. 3days after 25th July 2017 is 26, 27, and 28.

6. 22-28th July (7days) is when you are ovulating. It is your fertile period.

PS: Don't forget that the 7 days is a reminder that sperm stays in the female body for about 7 days. Any sexual contact in between ovulation period will form something that has ears, eyes, etc.

Looking for answers to; I want a baby boy what should I do? Best time to conceive a baby boy after periods? Ovulation Calculator for boy twins, baby fertility calculator, ovulation conceiving boy.

If you want a baby girl, have sex between 3 days before ovulation (22 - 24th) 2017.

For a baby boy, try to have sex on the main ovulation day and 3 days after 25th.

Major Ovulating Symptoms or Signs

After 2 weeks you may feel the following:

1. Headache.

2. High body temperature.

3. Dizziness (feeling of tiredness and sleepiness).

4. Breast tenderness or size increases just like when you are menstruating.

5. Increased sex drive.

6. Light cramps or pain on one side of the pelvis.

7. Abdominal bloating.

8. A heightened sense of smell, taste or vision (or you eat more).

9. Vagina mucus becomes slippery (if you notice this, put it in between fingers, it stretches like thick catarrh or snail mucus, and it is colourless like egg white).

N/B: The instance here is for ladies with 30 days cycle, and someone who saw her period in July 2017. If yours is 28, then it's 14 days and not 15 days.

If you have a headache without a cause, check back to when your period started. You can drink both malt and peak milk. Do not run to the pharmacist always on issues that can be naturally handled at home, because too much of medicines are not always good on girls.

Disclaimer: This is an informational post, and should not be taken as a medical expert advice. If you need to know more about this, visit your local doctor. 


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